Project Deliverable: KOL-Health Application

We want to build an Android based application that can support CHWs and their roles in the field. We believe there is a need for this application, and our process will be assessing what those needs are and iteratively reforming the application to meet these needs.

The KOL-Health Application is designed with the purpose of delivering needed health services and diagnostic care to rural communities across Kolkata, through the efforts of Community Health Workers employed part-time by iKure (a healthcare enterprise).

To meet the goals we stated in our project scope, we will create and test a variety of health forms that can be displayed on the KOL-Health App and filled out by CHWs during field visits.

The purpose of the application will be twofold: (1) To improve completeness of in-field data collection by CHWs, and (2) ensure that CHWs have a way to address emergencies in the field by having real-time communication with doctors located at far-away health facilities.