Scoping Plan

We are planning to develop an information system that will aid the public health work that is conducted by CHWs in rural Indian villages. The target groups for this system are the CHWs who bridge the gap between rural communities and the formal health system.

Within this context, we wish to test: how efficient data collection is in the field, what health and technology literacy levels are of CHWs, and whether an  MHealth application will improve health care delivery to rural Kolkata.

CHWs, as key personnel in the public health field, help bridge the communication flow between communities and the health care system, and make healthcare information delivery more efficient. By gathering input from CHWs and making this data accessible to health department program managers and doctors, we hope to support and inform efforts to reduce community health disparities across India.

The tools we intend to build will require tailoring to be effective for the cultural context that we hope to aid. To understand the context we are working in, we will validate our application by:

  • Conducting in-depth interviews
  • Evaluating existing information systems and how they are used
  • Prototyping and testing the application among CHWs as we evaluate them